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Assessment and Evaluation

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This course provides graduate students with opportunities to master the essentials of language assessment, testing, and evaluation. Likewise, students are expected to develop practical working knowledge of concepts and procedures in second and foreign language classrooms and programs. As reflective and informed developers and judges of language evaluations, graduate students (current teachers) will be prepared to improve language evaluation at their workplaces by applying the knowledge gained so that assessment practices will indeed reveal congruence among national requirements, institutional purposes, program and course goals, teaching strategies, and student abilities. The main axes of the course are: what, why, how, and when to evaluate. Additionally, in order to understand the changes in focus, view and appearance of evaluations, an overview of practices and tendencies will be studied. Some concepts of language will be revisited in order to better approach the definition of the construct that is to be evaluated. The main types (summative and formative) and forms (traditional and alternative) of evaluation will be studied. Major emphasis will be given to the qualities required for useful evaluations [the different kinds of validity (construct, content, systemic, and consequential), trustworthiness (or reliability), transparency, authenticity, interactiveness, practicality] and to the principles (democracy and fairness) needed in evaluation practices in general.

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