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Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

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The Ministry of Education has been implementing various initiatives towards bilingual education in Colombia, being the most recent ones Programa Nacional de Bilingüismo (2004), Programa de Fortalecimiento al Desarrollo de Competencias en Lengua Extranjera (2010), Ley de Bilingüismo 1651 (2013), Programa Colombia Bilingüe (2014), Programa Nacional de inglés Colombia very well (2015) and Colombia Bilingüe (2016). Since the first initiative was launched, very little was known about what bilingualism was let alone the difference between individual and societal bilingualism or the differences between being bilingual in educational contexts vs. informal contexts and some other sorts of differences. Still today the teaching community is in need of sound knowledge regarding this complex topic in order to set attainable goals for themselves and for their students. This course attempts to offer a space for debate and reflection on the way the term has been used and their implications for the teaching profession.


Students in this course should be able to:

- Understand the ways in which policies on bilingualism are enacted in a particular setting

- Develop a genral understanding of what bilingualism is

- Familiarize with some different types of bilingualism

- Get acquainted with research on the area of bilingualism and bilingual education at the local and global level

- Take a critical stands in regards to plans and reforms related to bilingual education in the country. 

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