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Language Teacher Education and Development

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This course introduces participants to the theoretical, practical and research-based traditions underpinning the field of language teacher education and development. Starting from a perspective on teacher education which has emerged as common ground for the preparation of teachers in diverse disciplines around the world, the seminar delves into the major pedagogical principles historically shaping the curriculum that educational institutions have put into place to support teachers’ learning and development. The aforementioned general and global perspective merges with specific and local outlooks when the seminar gravitates towards the education of Nonnative English Speaker Teachers (NNESTs) in the Colombian context. While facilitating participants’ interaction with a representative body of knowledge in the field, the structure and dynamics of the course engage participants in critical reflection aiming at the design of context-sensitive teacher education experiences.


Most teacher educators in Colombia teach themselves how to educate others who wish to become teachers. Their transition from regular teaching to teacher education is mostly supported by their formal knowledge and experiences as language learners, and their undergraduate education while they are required to supervise and mentor prospective teachers in universities. Although building a teacher educator identity is "best understood as a process of becoming" (Dinkelman, Margolis & Sikkenga, 2006, p.6), the same scholars underscore the pivotal role that formal education played in the preparation of their researched participants as teacher educators. Given this, the course in teacher education seeks to provide the theoretical foundation, research knowledge, individual and collaborative reflection to introduce participants into the field. Thus, the course contributes with the preparation of new generations of professional Colombian teacher educators who can further elaborate on more local knowledge construction. 


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