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Thesis Research

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Course Description

This course guides participants to build research knowledge as they navigate theoretical principles, reflect upon them and connect them with preparatory practices in seminar sessions, but most importantly with their own research work as they plan and implement concrete courses of action to answer their thesis research questions and to achieve their objectives. The course offers a myriad of tools and strategies to ensure participants can carry out the innovation stage derived from the diagnostic and planning stages they conducted in the previous course (Research Methods). They will refine preparations and conduct the action/intervention stage of their project, collect and analyze the data and start putting things together as a preparation for the write-up in the final course the following semester.


Learning Outcomes

The course offers language teachers opportunities to:

  • Assess research objectives and contexts in order to design suitable strategies that help course participants gain lawful access to research sites and potential population.
  • Conceive, plan and implement the necessary research instruments for data collection.
  • Analyze the information collected and work on the final findings and results.
  • Develop understandings about how to write the research design, data analysis and conclusions chapters of their thesis.
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