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Issues and Trends in Language Teaching

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Course Description


The course provides opportunities to critically evaluate issues arising from core elements of ELT practice. It also explores the relationship and interdependence between methodology and teachers’ beliefs and practices. Participants will gain insights and a critical appreciation of the process of planning and delivering English language lessons and develop sensitivity to complex ELT contexts. Besides, it also aims at understanding language teaching through reflection and classroom enquiry thus, reflective teaching is at the core of the course and innovation is a key component of it.


Learning Outcomes

The course aims to offer participants opportunities to:

  • Examine current issues and trends in language teaching taking into account Colombian socio-economic, cultural and political contexts.
  • Identify and critically evaluate ELT practices.
  • Articulate a view of reflective teaching as a way for professional growth.
  • Examine teachers’ beliefs and how these are reflected on pedagogical practices. 
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the importance and complexity of context and how it relates to practical decision-making in ELT.
  • Refine and reconsider teachers’ understanding of themselves as persons, knowers, andcreators /discoverers of knowledge.  

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