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Bilingualism and Bilingual Education

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Course Description


Since the implementation of the Programa Nacional de Bilingüismo (2004) (and the transformations it has had during these years: Programa de Fortalecimiento al Desarrollo de Competencias en Lengua Extranjera (2010), Ley de Bilingüismo 1651 (2013), Programa Colombia Bilingüe (2014), Programa Nacional de inglés Colombia very well (2015) and Colombia Bilingüe (2016)) Colombian scholars have been interested in exploring this policy around the country. Many scholarly articles have been written and today the academic community is better informed about bilingualism and bilingual education. However, it is very relevant, at the master’s level, to explore the issue in order to develop a body of knowledge (we will only scratch the surface of the matter in this class) that allow teachers and administrative stuff alike to set attainable goals for themselves and for their students. This course attempts to offer a space for debate and reflection on the topic and its implications for the teaching profession. It is important to add that the course has been designed under a critical perspective as a way to enhance participants’ views.


General Objective

Examine different views on bilingual education in the globe and in Colombia.


Specific Objectives:

  • Develop a general understanding of the concepts of bilingualism and bilingual education. 
  • Be familiarized with different types of bilingual education.
  • Analyze the current situation of the institutions where participants work under the lens of bilingual education and the policy in Colombia.
  • Develop a critical stance towards the policy and its implementation
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