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Teaching English to Children

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Course Description


Since 1994, when the Ministry of Education in Colombia established as compulsory the teaching of a foreign language to children, teachers have been worried about the serious challenge it represents. University professors started to focus their research studies on this field, and the Foreign Language Programs to design their curriculums to fulfill these legal expectations. This course is intended for professionals who are interested in evaluating their current practices and exploring new ways of facilitating children the learning of English. Emphases are on child development and the implications in foreign language teaching, methodological principles to teach an L2 to children, lesson planning, strategies and techniques to promote interaction in the classroom and assessment processes. It will be structured around theoretical, practical and investigative components.


Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, students are expected to:

  • Explore and practice methodological principles to teach English to young learners that fulfil students’ needs in a real context.
  • Demonstrate their ability to design lesson plans that stimulate the development of the communicative competence of children.
  • Enhance the students’ understanding of the functions and types of assessment when evaluating children’s performance.
  • Evaluate critically English language teaching practices in our context and propose solutions to overcome the weaknesses. 

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