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Technology and Language Teaching

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Course Description

This course offers an introduction to the use of technology, primarily digital, in the field of second and foreign language education. Participants explore the technologies, applications and tools available and consider models for their integration into language learning and teaching. Students review key terms and concepts related to new ICTs and L2 pedagogy, explore the historical evolution and the state of the art of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), and discuss the benefits and implications of using technology in the language teaching process. On a more practical ground, students examine internet resources and design their own activities to incorporate in their L2 teaching. Course participants continually read and reflect upon current articles on key issues in the use of technology in language teaching. The ultimate goal of this course is to raise participants’ awareness in regards to the suitability of computer-and-web-based possibilities in order to respond to the new global and local demands in second language education.


Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the relationship between theories of SLA and CALL.
  • To demonstrate basic knowledge, skills and understanding of operations and concepts related to technology in language teaching.
  • To identify and locate technology resources, and evaluate them for accuracy and suitability in the context of second language learning.
  • To create learning activities that promote the development of the four linguistic skills as well as the lexical and grammatical competences in the L2.
  • To explore an area of research on the use of technologies in the field of EFL teaching.
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